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Last year in this country, there were an estimated 44,000 chimney fires, destroying
$180 million in property and killing over 1,000 people. If your chimney has not been cleaned
within the past two years, you may be inviting a chimney fire. Neglected chimneys tend to build
up soot and creosote deposits which, if ignited, can burn up to 3,000° Fahrenheit.
For a full service professional chimney and duct cleaning service, call Augie’s chimney
and clean air, phone (516) 676-0859. Using state of the art of equipment
, these professionals, with the owner on every job, can expertly clean and repair
your chimney as well as clean your heat and air conditioning ducts to keep problems
from arising. In addition, they clean and unclog clothes dryer vents to prevent problems
of overheating your cloths dryer which also helps prevent fires, and to keep it working
at its maximum level. Heating ducts should be cleaned every three to five years to
keep your home healthy. They can also install a chimney cap to help protect your home
from the elements. A properly installed chimney cap can keep out squirrels, birds and
other pests. Augie also sells and installs gas logs as well as high quality carbon monoxide
detectors and fire detectors. Oil and gas chimneys should be cleaned and inspected yearly
to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Remember, dirty chimneys are dangerous. Don’t play with fire! Call the experts
at Augie’s Chimney and Cleaning Air and let them thoroughly inspect and clean your chimney.
They are fully insured and certified with the Energy Alternatives Institute, and a member
of the New York State Chimney Sweep Guild. When your family’s safety is at stake,
contact Augie’s Chimney and Clean Air. Their more than 35 years of experience and training are your
assurance of a job well done.

Comments from customers;

"Thank you for coming at the end of your long day to clear our blocked chimney. We are happy to have heat again in this cold weather! Warmly,"

Glen Cove, New York

"Augie you are a God send! I was sick for many weeks. I had flu-like symptoms, disorientation and headaches. I underwent many diagnostic tests to look for the cause of my illness without any findings."

"After you came to clean our fireplace chimney, you suggested that we also check the gas chimney. We're so glad we did or we would have never known that we had a blockage that was causing carbon monoxide to come into our house. After mentioning this to the doctor, he tested me for carbon monoxide poisoning and I tested positive. I can't thank you enough. Gratefully yours,"

Garden City, New York

"Prior to your first visit I was simply not appropriately sensitive to the need for more modern vents and access guards for both our stove and microwave that you covered on May 28th and for our washer-dryer vent on June 3rd."

"The little brochure about the potential hazard in dryer vents educated me on the need for the two steps which we have now taken. It has also sensitized us on the logic of annual reviews to assure that these two vents remain in good condition and do not expose us to hazards. I believe strongly in capital expenditures of the sort we have made this year! With many thanks,"

Lattingtown, New York

"We built our first fire in the little dining room fireplace you fixed up for us. We love our new romantic fireplace! Many Thanks,"

Old Westbury, New York

"Here are the pictures I took of you and the little guys (raccoons) you removed from my fireplace chimney! Hope you like them. I'm amazed how big they look. The mother did return for them-so I guess all is well. Thanks,"

Port Washington, New York





Locust Valley. New York

Member of the N.Y. State Chimney Sweep Guild
Certified by Energy Alternatives Institute